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Celebrate National Cake Day with Porrelli

“Let them eat cake” Perhaps the most famous expression about cake ever. For that reason, it is obvious that cake is more than deserving of its own holiday, National Cake Day!
Today, we are celebrating in style and have got a surprise in store! You’d be wrong if you thought we were only experts in ice cream…we are also professional cake makers too! Our indulging range of Porrelli cakes paired perfectly with a scoop (or two) of our delicious Porrelli Ice Cream is a match made in heaven. No one needs to miss out on this delicious dessert this winter as we have a wide range of cakes including a gluten free and dairy free range. From the classic cheesecake and profiteroles to our vegan harvest cake and a gluten free mint chocolate chip cake – we’ve got you covered!

Ice cream is still, at the forefront, the best dessert accompaniment with 70% of diners choosing ice cream as the most popular dessert enhancer. With such a high stat like that, they can’t be wrong!
We have a wide variety of cakes that are perfect for the colder months. Our gingerbread cheesecake is the perfect nod to Christmas as well as our Alabama Fudge Cake (which can be bought dairy free!)

(Gingerbread Cheesecake)

For hot desserts, 55% of consumers felt a scoop of ice cream was the best way to eat pudding however 51% would make the same choice but would prefer a cold dessert such as a tiramisu or lemon meringue pie.

With winter well under way, it is time to bring out the delicious Porrelli cakes, perfectly accompanied by a scoop of Porrelli ice cream. Be sure to look back at the past few blog posts for other ice cream cake goodness and recipe inspiration including our ‘How to make an arctic roll’ blog.

This National Cake Day, tell us what is your perfect cake and ice cream combo? P.s- have a look at our website to make this decision a little easier! https://porrelli.com/products/