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How to Make Ice Cream Cake

Are you looking for an alternative dessert to celebrate a birthday or other celebration? Or maybe you need something to wow your guests at your next dinner party? Ice cream cake is the perfect option and is essentially two desserts in one – bound to please at any occasion.

Making ice cream cake is as simple as sandwiching layers of your favourite ice cream between slices of cake inside a mould of your choice (springform cake tin, clingfilm-lined loaf tin etc.)

The cake is then re-freezed and decorating with frosting, chocolate or anything else you like before serving. You can of course make your own sponge cake base, but using shop-bought cake works just as well!

Recipe Ideas

It’s the choice of cake and ice cream that really makes ice cream cake such an exciting dessert.

Here are some ideas for different combinations you can try:

  • Porrelli Traditional Vanilla, Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate ice cream (Neapolitan) with vanilla sponge layers
  • Porrelli Strawberry and Raspberry Ripple ice cream with lemon cake layers
  • Porrelli Traditional Vanilla and Cookies & Cream ice cream with brownie layers
  • Dark and Porrelli White Chocolate ice creams with chocolate sponge layers

This recipe by Olive Magazine is a great one to follow as a guide and includes a fantastic cake recipe if you’re looking to bake your own sponge layers.

Things to Remember

Our top tip for making your ice cream cake is to make sure each layer of cake spends some time in the freezer to firm up before you add the ice cream, and that your ice cream has been left out for a few minutes to soften before spreading into the mould. This way, you won’t squish the soft cake with hard ice cream.

When serving, it’s also useful to heat your knife in hot water, then dry off. This will make it easier to cut through the thick layers of delicious ice cream and frozen cake!

The Perfect Choice for Ice Cream Cake

For the most important ingredient, the ice cream itself, Porrelli Italian gelato is the best choice. Not only do our wide range of tasty flavours work perfectly as fillings for an ice cream cake, but the smoothness of our ice cream makes it easy to spread into your mould while constructing your cake, then easy to cut when serving.

Take a look at our full range of flavours via our brochure

Or visit your local ASDA or Sainsbury’s to pick up a pot (or 5!) of your favourite flavor.

Don’t forget to share your creation with us! #PorrelliIceCream