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Never Mind The Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off is in full swing and what a series it has been so far! It’s that time of year again where baking dabblers frantically blow the dust off the utensils and get messy in the kitchen again!

But we’re sure we can all agree, it doesn’t often go to plan? You know all about those soggy bottoms that aren’t worthy of star baker? That’s where we step in! It is our secret family recipe that has been handed down through the family over the years that has helped Porrelli to win numerous industry awards… and these, in turn, have helped to establish Porrelli as being trusted and respected for our consistent quality and expertise throughout the catering trade, frozen wholesalers, cash & carries and multiple retailers including Sainsbury’s and ASDA!

So, instead of spending your time attempting a masterpiece showstopper, save yourself the hassle and do the GBBO right with Porrelli. You won’t find any ice cream sabotage like the scandal of 2014!

Freezer to table desserts


Ice Cream Gateau 10ptn

Tartufo Classico x 12

Tartufo Bianco x 12

Tartufo Nocciola x 12

Tartufo Limoncello x 12

Semifreddo Menta Bianca x 12

Cassata x 16

Tarta Fantastica x 6

Whole Lemon Skin x 12

Whole Orange Skin x 12

Coconut Shell x 12

Pistachio Kulfi x 12

Mango Kulfi x 12

Chocolate & Mint Bomb x 12 (NEW)

Mango & Vanilla Bomb x 12 (NEW)

Coconut & Passion Fruit Bomb x 12 (NEW)

Rest assured these won’t leave you having a meltdown!




For our full list of cakes and product codes, see page 11- 15 of our Porrelli Ice Cream Price list

No soggy bottoms to see here!

On your marks, get set… ORDER!