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October Flavour Of The Month

Rich in unsaturated fats, high in magnesium, fibre and vitamins, but most importantly distinctive in delicious taste, our October flavour of the month is in peak season… the hazelnut!

Chocolate and hazelnuts are a match made in heaven! Which is why hazelnut is frequently mixed with our unique chocolate ice cream recipe in the form of our Hazelnut flavour, Hazelnut Chocolate Swirl (available in ASDA and Sainsburys) and present in our ever-popular Donatella Rocher!


So, where did this amazing concoction of chocolate and hazelnut originate?

The preparation of chocolate and hazelnut first originated in Turin, Italy where hazelnuts grow in abundance. Back in the early 1800s, importing cocoa was difficult and expensive. Hazelnuts were widely available and were much cheaper than cocoa. So, mixing the hazelnuts together with cocoa was a smart way to make chocolate a bit cheaper to produce, and has been a worldwide success since!

We know it tastes great, but hazelnuts also have an abundance of amazing health benefits too!

1) Eating hazelnuts are known to help reduce cholesterol and, in turn, reduce the risk of heart problems.

2) Hazelnuts are a great source of fibre. Eating plenty of fibre encourages your system to flow more regularly and keeps the body healthy.

3) Hazelnuts are rich in antioxidants, particularly vitamin E which protect against many forms of cell damage.

4) Due to hazelnuts containing large amounts of vitamin E, A and vitamin C, there is an abundance of benefits for skin in helping the skin look healthier, keeping it hydrated and firming out the appearance of wrinkles.

5) Hazelnuts are packed with magnesium, which plays a vital role in keeping calcium levels moving to and from body cells in a healthy way, helping strengthen muscle function and growth.

What a way to celebrate the fresh autumnal feel with a large scoop (or two) of this month’s nutty goodness with our hazelnut flavoured ice cream! Grab a spoon!