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Our top 5 festive favourites

The Christmas season is here and the big day is fast approaching!

This time of year is chock-full of desserts, so we have listed our top 5 festive flavours that are perfect for after Christmas dinner, on Boxing Day and well… any time you want to treat yourself really!

5: Cookies and cream

Leaving cookies and milk out for Santa has been an age-old tradition for Christmas Eve, and with good reason!

Milk and cookies match perfectly as the milk helps mellow out the strength of the sweet cookie flavour, so we combined the two and added some other special ingredients to create out luxurious cookies and cream flavour! This is a well-established flavor is a favourite for after dinner, or an alternative to leave out as a welcome gift for Santa!

4: Ferrero Rocher

There’s one thing we are guaranteed to be surrounded by during the Christmas season – Ferrero Rochers! If you love the taste but have had a little too much of the crunchy chocolate truffles, opt for our indulgent Ferrero Rocher flavoured ice cream for an indulgent and all-time favourite Christmas taste.

3: Stracciatella

Christmas is always a time of overindulging in delicious food, this is often stuffed (quite literally!) with lots of savoury flavours and treats.

Our mantra is ALWAYS leave room for dessert. Stracciatella flavour ice cream is the perfect choice of dessert to follow all that savoury and often salty foods that come around on Christmas day! This perfect palate cleanser is a cream and vanilla bean-based ice cream filled with fine irregular shavings of chocolate spread throughout each scoop. A traditional and a classic for your Christmas dessert!

2: Toffee Apple Crumble

Our unique ice cream which blends together the traditional and festive flavours of the classic apple pie is our Toffee and Apple Crumble! Creating a rich, unique and comforting taste of apple pie without the heaviness!

1: Candy Cane

Candy canes are one of the most iconic foods of the Christmas season, and for many people, Christmas without a candy cane is incomplete. This smooth, creamy scoop is packed with a great peppermint flavour, yet mixed full of small chunks of sweet candy cane. With a light, minty and winter fresh flavour, our candy cane ice cream is the stuff that Christmas dreams are made of, making this our number 1 go-to to this Christmas!

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