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The Ice Cream Diet

For those who thought eating ice cream could destroy your diet, think again! You will never believe us when we say that there is such a thing as the ‘Ice Cream Diet’. The sweet treat won’t have to be kept hidden in the freezer any longer. While ice cream may be considered a guilty pleasure in general, studies have shown that there are proven benefits to eating it on a regular basis.

The “Ice Cream Diet” first came about when Holly McCord wrote a book of the same name. McCord is a registered dietician and former nutrition editor of Prevention magazine. The book encourages people to eat a portion of ice cream every day as part of their diet -and here’s the catch- as long as they eat a healthy, lower-calorie meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As McCord recommends, women, in particular, should consume 1,250 calories a day and then will have space to still eat a portion of ice cream making the total sum of calories 1,500. Win-win!

According to McCord, including ice cream to your diet doesn’t make you crave those extra treats as you are eating smaller amounts more frequently. She also notes that ice cream is high in calcium which therefore keeps dieters from binge eating due to feeling deprived while following an otherwise low-calorie regime.

A 2005 study by the Centre of Neuroimaging Sciences at the Institute of Psychiatry in London revealed that consuming ice cream can make you happy. Part of the brain which plays a role in emotional processing and decision making is activated when eating ice cream, lighting up the brain’s pleasure zones!

Moral of the story: the most important thing is to follow a balanced and nutritious diet which means that if you can eat a variety of healthy items each day, you can allow yourself to enjoy our delicious Porrelli ice cream when you feel like it. Let’s eat to that!