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Porrelli have been producing Luxury Italian Style Ice Cream at our factory in Paisley since 1925. We produce a wide range of flavours in a variety of pack sizes to allow us to supply the catering and retail markets.

Porrelli has long been recognised as a successful and growing business, with a passion for ice cream we aim to provide high quality and innovative flavours to always keep up to date with what our loyal fans would enjoy.

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Did you know we installed cabinets for selling ice-cream? Like this one, we supplied to Ghiloni’s Cafe in Kirkintilloch?

Unbeatable Belgian Waffles from Juicy Lucy’s topped with tasty @Porrelli1925 Ice Cream

What's New

The Ice Cream Diet

For those who thought eating ice cream could destroy your diet, think again! You will never believe us when we say that there is such a thing as the ‘Ice Cream Diet’. The sweet treat won’t have to be kept hidden in the freezer any longer. While ice cream may be considered a guilty pleasure … Continued

How to make an Arctic Roll

This classic British dessert we all love is known to defy physics. The arctic roll has lots of tasty components such as sponge cake, ice cream and raspberries. Porrelli ice cream wrapped in a delicious jam-covered sponge, makes this the perfect timeless pudding to master with our easy step-by-step recipe. What you will need: Parchment … Continued

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