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Porrelli have been producing Luxury Italian Style Ice Cream at our factory in Paisley since 1925. We produce a wide range of flavours in a variety of pack sizes to allow us to supply the catering and retail markets.

Porrelli has long been recognised as a successful and growing business, with a passion for ice cream we aim to provide high quality and innovative flavours to always keep up to date with what our loyal fans would enjoy.

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Our Ice-Cream


Scottish Tablet

Mint Chocolate Chip

Belgian Chocolate


Hazelnut & Chocolate Swirl

Bubblegum Swirl

Raspberry Ripple

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Did you know we installed cabinets for selling ice-cream? Like this one, we supplied to Ghiloni’s Cafe in Kirkintilloch?

Unbeatable Belgian Waffles from Juicy Lucy’s topped with tasty @Porrelli1925 Ice Cream

What's New

Porrelli’s Christmas Matchmaker

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and if you’re having a Christmas celebration with family and friends then you’re probably already planning out your menu for the big day. Finding the perfect accompaniment to your desserts can be tough, that’s where our match-making expertise comes in! Let us provide you with some … Continued

Sundaes to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

An ice cream sundae is the ultimate indulgence, combining multiple flavours of ice cream, toppings and sauces into a sweet and satisfying cocktail. At Porrelli, we not only take pride in our individual ice creams, but also in how different flavours complement each other when served together. Here are 4 of our favourite ice cream … Continued

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