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99 Flake

The 99 Flake is a classic staple treat here in the UK. No matter what season it is, people enjoy indulging in ice cream all year long; even when the temperature is below freezing! This much-loved confectionery is an ice cream cone made up with soft serve vanilla ice cream and topped with a Cadbury’s flake.

But where did this genius idea come from?

The concept for the flake came from one particularly innovative Cadbury employee who noticed that there were thin streams of excess chocolate spilling over the sides of the machines. These flaky ripples would quickly become the vastly popular chocolate ‘Flake’ and would soon be a substitute for a wafer in a cone.

99 cones are thought to have originated in Portobello, Scotland by ice cream enthusiast Stefano Arcari who was originally from Italy but moved to Scotland after the First World War. Mr. Arcari opened an extremely popular ice cream shop in 1922 at 99 Portobello High Street by the seaside in Edinburgh. He would break a large Flake in half and place it in soft serve ice cream, turning the treat into a chocolatey delight. While a common misconception is that the name is derived from the original cost of the cone (99p), most believe that the famous ‘99’ actually originates from the shop’s address in Portobello. So, next time you buy a 99 cone at £1.50, the injustice won’t feel so horrifying!

Much like Mr. Arcari, Porrelli’s founder Gerardo Porrelli opened his shop after moving from Italy to Scotland so we hold the 99 Flake very close to our hearts! Thanks to the invention of the Flake and Mr. Arcari’s imaginative idea, we can now indulge in delicious 99 cones as a yummy treat.

Here at Porrelli we cater to all tastes, so even if chocolate isn’t your thing we also have a variety of tasty toppings and wafers that will make your dessert even more interesting!