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Ice Cream Cone Day

Today is National Ice Cream Cone Day, celebrating the biggest staple piece of dessert history, the ice cream cone!

The first Ice Cream cone was invented in America in 1896 by Italo Marchiony, an Italian immigrant who later patented his creation in 1903. Prior to this invention, ice cream was served in a small glass container, called a “penny lick” You would lick the ice cream out of the glass and return it to the vendor to wash and re-issue. This practice wasn’t necessarily hygienic, and it could cause delays if too many people wanted ice cream at the same time. Thanks to this wonderful invention, we are now able to indulge in waffle, chocolate coated, wafer, sugar style ice cream cones.

Since then, the ice cream cone appreciation has taken on whole new levels with the tallest ice cream cone measuring 3.08 metres (10ft 1.26in), achieved by Hennig-Olsen in 2015.

The right ice cream cone can have such a big effect on the ice cream eating experience. At Porrelli, we feel our ice cream is served best on a waffle cone as it has textures and flavours that add to your experience.  For example, our Belgian Chocolate ice cream is made unbelievably better when you add a waffle cone or adding a crunchy vanilla cone to our mango sorbet makes your dessert even more delicious! Waffle-patterned waffle cones are also generally larger in scale, allowing you to add a bigger scoop of our delicious flavours.



If that’s not enough, aside from having a delicious ice cream treat in your hand, every time you eat our ice cream in a cone, you are helping the environment by not using a plastic disposable spoon and cup! So, do the planet a favour while enjoying your ice cream at the same time, it’s like having your ice cream and eating it too!

For our full range of ice cream cones, check out our brochure here