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Top 5 insta-worthy desserts

Getting hungry when deep in the rabbit hole looking at food pics on Instagram? We’ve all been there…

Of course, some of the most shared food on Instagram is desserts. Coming in all shapes and forms, quality dessert pics are everywhere and have also become more “good looking” than ever before.

We have combined 5 of the most photogenic, delicious-looking insta-worthy desserts you can create from the comfort of your own home with Porrelli ice cream and post on your Instagram to make everyone double tap while they drool!

(Including us! So, don’t forget to tag us in your creations @PorrelliIceCream)

The Banana Split

A classic and timeless creation, making mouths water since 1904. It looks good, it tastes good, and is a fun dessert to make at any time of the year. Blend together the perfect flavour of bananas and our delicious ice cream with our Banana Split recipe!

The Ice Cream Cone

Of course, it goes without saying, getting your angles and colours right with your ice cream cone is a classic capture. It comes in a never-ending list of flavours and combinations and has remained the most popular way to eat ice cream since its creation. Scoop out your favourite Porrelli flavours (recommended the more colours the better!) into perfect, insta-worthy scoops and show your followers nothing ever beats a classic.

The Sundae

With its multiple layers of ice cream, fruits and syrup, the sundae is a texture and flavour heaven! Not only is it delicious looking, it is also super easy to make. The freshness of the fruits with the sweetness of the ice cream would make anyone melt. With this one, you can get as colourful and creative as you’d like. Follow our 5-step recipe for an insta-ready Sundae!

The Milkshake

One of the most popular desserts of all time. The milkshake is a legend amongst desserts and is as insta-worthy as it gets. Snap a pic of yourself sipping or take a pic of it with an interesting background, whichever you fancy. Watch our how to video and get started!

The Ice Cream Taco


Photo credit: shortcakesedmonton

Adding a twist to the classic cone, the ice cream taco is an amazing dessert to show off on your Instagram. It is beauty, it is grace, and if you follow our recipe, you’ll definitely want to stuff your face.

The best part is to decorate them with your favourite toppings to make them pop on your Instagram feed!

Try some (or all, we don’t judge) of these desserts with different flavour combinations using our range of delicious ice cream and tag us in your creations! @PorrelliIceCream