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World’s weirdest flavours of ice cream

At Porrelli, we are pioneers of ice cream so it is important for us to experiment with new flavours to always keep things interesting!  However, elsewhere in the world, some people like to get a little too adventurous and downright bizarre with their ice cream creations.

From mayonnaise to breast milk to squid ink ice cream, some of these flavours require an iron stomach to enjoy. With so many questionable flavours across the world, we decided to combine a list of the most bizarre ice cream flavours. Which of these would you dare to try?


Taro is a root vegetable, grown primarily for its editable corms. It produces so much starch that it doesn’t require eggs to make and is often used in Asian desserts. It’s light and nutty flavour is not something you would expect from root veg! We came across this flavour on a recent research trip to the SIGEP in Italy. Our verdict: looks good but tastes a little like a sweet potato!

Squid Ink

Japan is well-known for its obsession with wacky foods and flavours, but next up is one we would normally associate with Mediterranean food, not ice cream!  A popular flavour of theirs is squid ink ice cream. Jet black in colour, this flavour is actually described as bland, but not necessarily fishy.

Dare to try it? Remember to check your teeth before you flash a smile afterwards!

Raw Horse Flesh

No, we are not horsing around with this one.  Another downright crazy creation from Japan is raw horse flesh flavoured ice cream! It is considered a delicacy and can be found in at least one ice cream shop in Tokyo.

This one has got to be a neigh from us!


Mayonnaise and ice cream are not two dairy products you would usually put together but believe it or not, this exact flavour really does exists. An ice cream shop in Falkirk debuted an ice cream made with Hellmann’s “real” mayonnaise and immediately sparked debate across social media about just how crazy the concept is.

You’ve got to give them credit for the boldness on this one but personally, we’re not really sure how we feel about this…

Breast Milk

When a well-stocked ice cream parlour in the UK says they sell every flavour, there are usually limits. The Icecreamist, in Covent Garden, London once sold breast milk flavoured ice cream calling it ‘Baby Gaga’

This controversial flavour was created from using freshly-expressed breast milk donations from members of the public and blended it together with Madagascan vanilla. After going on sale for £14 per serving, the ice cream was seized by officers of Westminster Council in order to carry out safety tests.  However, there are still many recipes out there for people to try at home…Any volunteers?


We all know of wasabi, the spice that burns through the nose? Not many would think to convert this pungent and spicy green paste into a sweet cold treat but in Japan, Hundreds of ice cream parlours are serving this up as part of their food culture. The wasabi soft serve apparently has a sweetness with a spicy aftertaste.

Spicy ice cream? We’ll let you decide on that one.


Vegetarians should still beware with this one… Mushroom flavoured ice cream is a popular one in Taiwan – served blended into ice cream with some finely chopped mushrooms chunks throughout.

Ice cream fun with fungi? We’re not totally convinced.

Ham & Cheese – Venezuela

Coromoto Ice Cream Shop in Merida, Venezuela once made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for its large menu of 860 flavours. The shop certainly offers the world’s largest selection, and there are seemingly no limits to the variety of tastes for the most adventurous of flavours – one being ham and cheese!

We think we will stick to putting that in our sandwiches…

Heard of any other bonkers flavours out there? Share and tag us @Porrelliicecream